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Office 365 Maintenance Guide

  • Parallels Operations Automation

The article provides general information about POA integration with Microsoft Office 365 services by means of APS application along with best practices and troubleshooting techniques.

Table of contents

  1. Office 365 APS Application Releases
  2. General Information
  3. Best Practices
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Known Issues

Office 365 APS Application Releases

Office 365 1.x

Office 365 1.2
Office 365 1.3
Office 365 1.4
Office 365 1.5

Office 365 2.x

Office 365 2.1
Office 365 2.2
Office 365 2.3
Office 365 2.5
Office 365 2.6

Office 365 3.x

Office 365 3.0
Office 365 3.1
Office 365 3.2

Office 365 4.x

Office 365 4.0
Office 365 4.1

General Information

[Office 365] Integration Architecture
[Office 365] Subscription lifecycle
[Office 365] Subscription states and transitions
[Office 365] Domain verification process
[Office 365] How to find where MOSI Gateway is installed
[Office 365] MOSI Gateway database
[Office 365] How to find MOSI Request and Response XML (Office 365 <= 2.1)
[Office 365] How to find MOSI Request and Response XML (Office 365 2.2 and later)
[Office 365] How to check connectivity to Microsoft Office 365 servers
[Office 365] How to enable verbose log on MOSI Gateway Host

Best Practices

Office 365 Best Practices
[POA Maintenance Guide] Monitor Microsoft Office 365 services
[Office 365] Processing Notification Messages of Synchronization Script
[Office 365] Configuring Offer Mappings on Office 365 Gateway Host
[Office 365] How to update from eDog to TIP
[Office 365] Trial subscriptions support
[Office 365] How to get number of seats per subscription
[Office 365] How to recover cancelled application services
[Office 365] How to delete test customer accounts created in Microsoft Office 365


[Office 365] MOSI Gateway debug log
[Office 365] POA task fails: 'Timeout exception'
[Office 365] Cannot add Service User: 'Invalid input 'up_UserPrincipalName' is invalid'
[Office 365] Office 365 tasks fail: Can not create DNS record for of type TXT
[Office 365] Cannot create customer account in Microsoft: SubDomainInUseFault
[Office 365] Cannot add user: 'Method add_user calling failed'
[Office 365] Cannot verify domain: DomainNotVerifiedFault
[Office 365] Customer cannot change Service User password
[Office 365] Expired PA subscription is not disabled on Microsoft side
[Office 365] POA tasks fail: 'An unsecured or incorrectly secured fault was received from the other party'
[Office 365] Cannot create subscription: "Customer subscriptions are not ready yet"
[Office 365] POA tasks fail: "Can not create DNS record for of type TXT"
[Office 365] POA tasks fail: "Method edit_user calling failed. Reason:InvalidAssignmentFault... "
[Office 365] Downgrade report fails: "Cannot find information for offer with ID"

Known Issues

Office 365 Integration: Known Issues

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