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Cannot open .pvs or .hdd file

Article ID: 5553, created on Aug 18, 2008, last review on May 11, 2014

  • Parallels Server 3.0 for Mac


When trying to open a Virtual Machine .pvs file or the .hdd bundle using Parallels Server Explorer or Parallels Server Mounter, I see the following message:
Parallels Mounter (Parallels Explorer) is unable to browse virtual disk.
Make sure the virtual disk file is not corrupted or used by Parallels Mounter or another program.


When a Virtual Machine is started or the files mentioned above are opened in Parallels Server Explorer or Parallels Server Mounter, those files are locked, and you may receive such a message.

When Parallels Server Mounter or Parallels Server Explorer opens .pvs or .hdd files, a lock file is created in the same folder where those files are located. If Parallels Server Mounter or Parallels Server Explorer cannot create a lock file, for example, due to a permissions set, or when a VM is located on read-only storage as a CD-DVD or network share, such an error may also appear.


In order to resolve the problem, please ensure the following:

1. The Virtual Machine is not running.

2. Parallels Server Mounter or Parallels Server Explorer is not running and the files mentioned are not opened.

3. The permissions set on the directory allow you to modify and to create files in the directory.

4. The Virtual Machine is not located on read-only storage, e.g., CD-DVD or network share.

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