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"Parallels Premium Antivirus" installed by EZ Application Template cannot be started. Jan, 27 2015
"Kaspersky Antivirus" installed by EZ application template is not detected as installed. Jan, 27 2015
Rename domain fails: This Web site cannot be started. Another Web site may be using the same port Jan, 27 2015
Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_gpc() in D:\Plesk\admin\htdocs\index.php on line 3 Jan, 27 2015
Apache failed to start with error "Too many open files: Init: Can't open server certificate file" Jan, 27 2015
Failed to parse response. Reason: Failed to read data from stream Process output Jan, 27 2015
Resource usage notifications Jan, 27 2015
Horde Webmail has incorrect timezone Jan, 27 2015
Spamassassin files were not installed as CLI utils expect Jan, 27 2015
Backup Manager error: Unable to rotate dump Jan, 27 2015
Discard mode not supported Jan, 27 2015
High server load during statistics calculation Jan, 27 2015
Cannot change the type of IP address already allocated to a user. Jan, 26 2015
Cannot synchronize subscription with the hosting plan: "Unable to set the required resource usage limit because the new value is less than the amount of resources reserved for your customers or used by yourself" Jan, 26 2015
Internal error: The site with UUID was not found. Jan, 26 2015
Error: Unable to set Plesk SpamAssassin 3.3.2 Jan, 26 2015
Installing my own SSL certificate on webmail Jan, 26 2015
How to enable ASP.NET 2.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2 Jan, 26 2015
Parallels Plesk is down after ugprade: "std::runtime_error" Jan, 26 2015
Parallels Plesk for Linux services logs and configuration files Jan, 26 2015
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