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How to get the Hardware ID (HWID) of a PVC Hardware Node

Article ID: 2086, created on Aug 13, 2007, last review on Nov 11, 2014

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  • Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux
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The Hardware Node ID (HWID) should be automatically determined by the vzlicreq utility during Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (Virtuozzo) license request generation. It should be included in the Virtuozzo license request automatically without any additional actions.

You can also use the following command on the Virtuozzo Hardware Node to determine the Hardware node ID (HWID):

~# cat /proc/vz/hwid

If there are several HWIDs reported in the output, the first one should be used.

If none of the HWIDs shown in /proc/vz/hwid match the HWID shown by the 'vzlicview' command, this means that the installed Virtuozzo license is invalid and you need to contact a sales representative to obtain new one.

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How to determine the HWID on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows

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